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                          An Expose' Of The Holy Spirit



This inspirational book is designed to reveal and or introduce believers and non-believers to who the Holy Spirit

is by taking an in-depth look at His works, His names, His emblems and His interactions throughout the ages.

The Holy Spirit is viewed as the third person in the Godhead, who operates coequally, coeternally, and

coextistentaly as one unit.

Scriptures referrers to the Godhead as the Triune God or Trinity  which means three in one each member

of the Godhead having His distinct office and function:  the executive is God the Father,  the Architect is God the Son,

and the Contractor is God the Holy Spirit.

It is my desire that my readers gain in-depth knowledge of the Holy Spirit, His works and the vital role He plays in the Godhead

and the lives of humanity.

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