Good Shepherd Writing and Publishing would like to welcome you to our home

and present our author Dr. Willie B. White who is a published author, a certified

Christian Educator and Dean through the National Baptist Congress of

Christian Education.

Dr. White is also a retired professor who holds two Masters degrees in

adult Education (MA Ed, and MA SED), a Doctorate in Christian Education.

Dr. White has published several articles in The Informer, The Oakland Press,

Divine Inspirations and other venues. some of her published articles are:

  • A Reflection Of The Lord's Prayer,
  • Acts Of Forgiveness,
  • A House Of Prayer,
  • Seven Steps To Christian Maturity, Stewardship,
  • How Do We Heal Our Land

The author publishes a monthly devotional titled Heavenly Bread and Bi-weekly online

inspirational messages for her readers that can be subscribed to through this website as well as her other blogsite Uplifting Insights Faith,,,,, etc.


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